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13 thoughts on “Media & Music

  1. Cara your music is beautiful…Julia and I are listening to it together we love the music….Especially YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE….We wish you lots of luck with everything…..Can we buy a CD…..

  2. Went to the Worcester stART Festival today hoping to find a special handmade trinket at a vendor’s booth that would put a smile on my face. Little did I know I would find exactly what I was looking for when I sat down and heard your amazing voice. #fan4life

  3. Sometimes one of your new songs will start up on my ipod shuffle, and I think “Wow, that voice, who is this?” (OK, my memory isn’t great), then a few seconds later I realize it is you!

  4. Heard you for the first time at Vincents tonight. You remind me of Eva Cassidy’s pure voice. I was looking forward to hearing your originals, but understand you catering to the talking crowd watching the football game. 😦
    We look forward to hearing you again.

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