Wednesday. 7.11.18 |Townsend Public Library Summer Concert Series| Townsend, MA | 6-8pm

Tuesday. 7.17.18 |Newton Sq. Park Spirit Summer Series with The Russo Brothers| Worcester, MA | 6-8pm

Wednesday. 7.18.18 |The Sweetgales open for Famous Men at Electric Haze | Worcester, MA | 8pm

Friday. 7.13.18 |Nick’s | Worcester, MA | 9pm-12am

Wednesday. 7.25.18 | Quinn’s Irish Pub | Worcester, MA | 8-11pm

Thursday. 7.26.18 | Quinn’s Irish Pub | Worcester, MA | 8-11pm


Friday. 8.3.18 |Nick’s | Worcester, MA | 9pm-12am

Saturday. 8.4.18 | Medusa Brewing | Hudson, MA | 7-10pm

Wednesday. 8.15.18. |Boylston Public Library Summer Concert Series| Boylston, MA | 6pm




5 thoughts on “Live

  1. heard you play and sing at the Record Day a That’s Entertainment on Park Ave a litle while back. Still remember your short performance and the the unquestionable talent I witnessed. Got you in our sights for and upcoming show. I’ll be withe the “Grade A Fancy” band at Newton Sq. too.

  2. I’ve worked @ the State Psychiatric Hospital for 24+ yrs. and tried to bring normalsy and a sense that the people there are worthy of quality, not just someone elses secondhand throwaways so that the stigma of mental illness would dissapate a little so as to allow pride/self-worth could grow. Having Cara play for us an entire 2hr. top-shelf concert was so incredibly edifying… everyone felt special and thoroughly enjoyed the rare experience!!! Cannot thank you enough!!!!!

  3. Wow, heard you sing outside Ben & Jerry’s on Newburry Street last night. You were fantastic. I liked your cover of House of the Rising Son. If you ever come out to Denver or Boulder to sing, please let me know. I will definitely attend and bring a ton of friends to hear you.

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