Cara Brindisi has been performing as a solo guitarist and singer since 2010 after completing her studies at Berklee College of Music.  Originally from Central Mass, Cara has expanded her musical ventures throughout New England while also staying close to home within the Worcester, MA music scene.  Cara received the award for Best Female Vocalist (2017) and Best Solo Acoustic Act for the 2014 Worcester Music Awards, the same year she released her first EP Album, ‘Until Tomorrow‘.  Cara has performed at various venues such as The Hampton Beach Ballroom Casino in Hampton, NH (opener for Chris Isaak as well as Tower of Power), ASYLUM in Portland, ME and the Newport Yacht Club in RI.  Cara continues to record and perform locally in Central Mass and throughout New England.  She also co-founded Women of Worcester Productions in 2016 and directs and produces events that encourage women musicians and performers around Greater Worcester.



3 thoughts on “Bio

  1. May sound a bit strange but I have been living in the Worcester area for 6 years and the single greatest thing that I’ve come across has been your voice and music. I have been lucky enough to see you live a half-dozen times and I never get disappointed. You always thank people up and down at your performances and even on your website when it is you whom gives so much of yourself. Having known quite a bit about musical talent, my father being a singer/songwriter I am not at all blind to the hard you must put into every word..every note.. You are a great and unique talent- cant wait to see you on the 29th. NEVER CHANGE

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