Many Thanks and New Dates!

I would first like to offer a sincere expression of gratitude to those of you that make your way to my live events and to those of you that listen and support via social media. It means more than you may know. Performing in various places, different settings, and alongside fellow musicians these last few years, proves to me the importance of gathering for positivity, enjoyment, and for music!  Some of the most ordinary nights playing out, turn into the most fulfilling ones! Again, thank you for allowing me to be on one side of these ordinary and extraordinary experiences.

Weekends in this 2015 Spring/Summer are already filling up with gigs and personal events (weddings! travel!)…Please take a look at the LIVE page for the most updated shows.  This month I am extra excited for two special nights: Bull Run with Chet Williamson and Jimmy Morrell on May 9th and Mother Brooks Art Community Center to open for the wonderfully talented Sarah Borges on May 29th.

My goal at the start of 2015 was to make each and every performance count throughout this year.  I may not be playing local on a weekly basis, but I will hopefully catch you at a special event or two over the next few months.  During those in-between times, I will be continuing to write and record, gain inspiration, support fellow musicians (and live a vocal-healthy life-style…challenging sometimes!)

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, thanks for loving…